Fit for Christ

Our fitness group started in 2011 when two youth members of WCCC wanted to help those in the church and community become more fit. The brothers came up with the name and measured distances at the Jackson Street Park, where we walk. This fitness group is open to our church families along with anyone else who wants to join us!  We meet from May through August for a time of prayer, fitness, and fellowship!  If you’ve been at the park during summer evenings you may have seen us.  We are often wearing bright orange t-shirts with the scripture of Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength”!   The FIT – FOR – CHRIST activities (as a group) are taking their Fall/Winter/Spring break at this time.  Currently we encourage you to stretch and exercise to help keep your body at its best potential.  God wants us to take care of the body He gave to us.

Watch for group walking times to begin in June.  We will be back at the park enjoying fellowship, exercise and God’s creation.