I’m New

Everyone is New sometime, so we thought we would give you a walk through of what you will experience on your first day at church!

Sunday Morning

First of all we are not terribly hard to locate but if you are coming from Hwy 160 in Willard, you will turn South on Miller Rd, then immediately West on to Proctor Rd. The church is at the end of Proctor Rd.

When you pull into the drive you will see that our church faces the parking lot with our main entrance covered with carport. When you walk in the double glass doors you will enter our lobby/foyer, Men’s restroom is on the left and the Women’s is on the right, continue through the double wooden doors into our main auditorium. If you are coming for Sunday School there is a descending staircase to the right that leads down to our fellowship hall where our Sunday School classes meet., During the Sunday school hour coffee, juice & doughnuts are available at no cost, if you are coming only for 10am Morning Worship Service then when you enter the double wooden doors you may find a seat anywhere you would like. We try to start service at 10:00am

There is a lot of talk about “Worship Styles”, at WCCC we are a blended service that sings everything from Hymns to modern day songs by popular artists. Our worship team consists of Piano, Guitars, and vocalists. Not to be biased or anything but I think that we have one of the greatest worship teams around!

After worshiping through song, we all join together in a time of Communion each week, If you are a baptized believer we invite you to join with us. Each of the elements are passed down the isle, when you receive the plate, take a portion and continue the plate down to the next person.

Directly after Communion, we have an extended time of Prayer where we open up the service to take your prayer requests and praises. We feel that this time of “bearing one another’s burdens” is crucial to a healthy active church!

The preaching of the Word follows prayer time, we are always presented with a powerful message from the Lord! I know that you will walk away having heard the message that God wanted you to hear!

We hope that you will find our church to be friendly and inviting and place that you can call home! If you have any questions please feel free to ask either of our Ministers or one of our Elders, they will always be happy to speak to you about anything you might need to discuss.