Outreach Ministry

Outreach offers such a variety of opportunities for individuals and groups of people.  

All Christian are called to this area of outreach.  We are to reach out to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, to the unsaved & unchurched.   We often hear this word and think, “That’s not me, I’m quiet and uncomfortable speaking and drawing attention to myself”.  That’s not all that outreach is to God.  He wants us to be uncomfortable at times.  But mostly He wants us to share His gospel with others, loving them, caring for them and helping meet their needs.  You may do this quietly (such as one-on-one or anonymously) or with a group of fellow Christians.

We had our Annual Agape Dinner on March 30.  The meal was served by our youth and there was a silent auction with the proceeds going to the Pregnancy Care Center in Springfield, MO.  This year we raised $600 for PCC!!

If you’d like to help in this ministry please contact the church office at 417-742-1222.